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New Jersey Community Capital       Resource ID: 346

Category: Community Improvement & Capacity Building
New Jersey Community Capital is a nonprofit community development financial institution that provides innovative financing and technical assistance to foster the creation of quality homes, educational facilities, and employment opportunities in underserved communities of New Jersey.

By investing in financially sound, socially-motivated projects that are often unable to access capital from conventional sources, we improve social outcomes while providing a reliable financial return to our investors. In recent years, we have become a leading innovator of strategies to propel the recovery from the foreclosure crisis, including the large-scale acquisition and rehabilitation of abandoned properties and the bulk-purchase and modification of large pools of nonperforming mortgages. We have also begun several initiatives to support New Jerseys recovery from Hurricane Sandy. Meanwhile, we continue to provide portfolio management, financial training, research sponsorship, and policy advocacy in order to advance community development in New Jersey.

108 Church Street
3rd Floor
New Brunswick, NJ 08901


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