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New Jersey Black Issues Convention       Resource ID: 338

Category: Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy
NJBIC has four goals. They are:

1. To implement the "Black Leadership Family Plan" through predominantly Black statewide organizations.
2. To convene an annual statewide convention wherein critical issues affecting the Black community can be discussed, pertinent policy recommendations adopted, and relevant information disseminated.
3. To establish a network of cooperation and communication among all Black organizations in New Jersey for the regular exchange of information year round.
4. To organize a statewide action alert network utilizing county caucuses and legislative district organizations which can rapidly mobilize public opinion in the Black community.

Neither the convention itself nor any of its instruments should be constructed as a vehicle for endorsing candidates, nor as a broker for persons seeking appointment to boards and commissions or employment in state, county or municipal government.

P.O. Box 1843

Newark, NJ 07101


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