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New Jersey Institute for Social Justice       Resource ID: 336

Category: Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy
The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice is a Newark-based urban research and advocacy organization dedicated to the advancement of New Jersey's urban areas and residents. Established in 1999 by the Alan V. and Amy Lowenstein Foundation, the Institute provides a dynamic and independent voice for change necessary to create just, vibrant, and inclusive urban communities throughout New Jersey. We are pleased to have been referred to as a "social justice think and do tank".

We strongly believe that urban areas of New Jersey hold remarkable potential to act as regionally competitive economic engines while providing their residents with resilient, vital, and attractive communities. We identify, analyze, and address the underlying causes of social and economic disparities and challenge the barriers that constrain cities and their residents from achieving their full potential.

60 Park Place, Suite 511

Newark, NJ 07102


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