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Trenton Prevention Policy Board       Resource ID: 320

The Trenton Prevention Policy Board (TPPB) is a data-driven, participant-driven planning board that is comprised of non-profit, government, faith-based, and community stakeholders from the greater Trenton area. As part of an initiative from the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, and facilitated by staff at The College of New Jersey, the Board was founded in 2009 to promote positive youth development and reduce juvenile delinquency in the Trenton community.

December 10, 2018 - Trenton Youth Violence Reduction Action Strategy (TYVRAS)
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This Strategic Action Plan is not the end of a process, but the beginning. New policies and programs will have to be developed and existing ones will need to be expanded and coordinated. Data will have to be collected to evaluate and track our progress as a community. Existing forms of communication will have to expand, and new forums for cooperation will have to be opened.

There is a part for everyone in this effort and a need for many types of leadership and many types of cooperation. We invite you to join us – [find the section in the plan "how to read this for different stakeholder groups" that's for you] and join us at the TPPB meetings.

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c/o Bonner Institute for Civic and Community Engagement, The College of New Jersey
2000 Pennington Road, Forcina Hall 337
Ewing, NJ 08628


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