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Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey       Resource ID: 237

Category: Animal Related
New Jersey has a rich biodiversity that belies its small size and urban reputation. In every corner of our state, species of wildlife, considered rare and imperiled enough to be protected by state or federal law, are woven in to the tapestry of life in our state.

It is our duty, and our privilege, to protect these species. We gather the best science, tried and true conservation techniques, innovative education activities and an engaged corps of willing volunteers in pursuit of the right combination of activities that will preserve a species before it disappears from our state; help another population recover or; highlight some bird, fish, mammal or insect that must be protected before it slides towards extinction.

Our mission is to preserve rare and imperiled species of wildlife that live and breed in, and migrate through New Jersey.

501 East State Street
Building 5, 3rd Floor
Trenton, NJ 08609


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