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Coalition for Battered Women       Resource ID: 214

Category: Human Services
New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women is a statewide association that provides leadership, support and resources on the prevention of violence against women in New Jersey through advocacy, training, public awareness and research.

Philosophy: Violence against women in any form is a fundamental element of the oppression of women. NJCBW recognizes that in order to advance its mission it must address the historical and continuing cause of this oppression - patriarchy. Patriarchy ideology perpetuates the principles of domination, destruction, authority and competition while stifling the principles of negotiation, growth, equality and cooperation. NJCBW pursues its mission with a feminist awareness of the patriarchal origins of domestic violence challenging those societal beliefs that inhibit the empowerment and self-determination of women.

1670 Whitehorse-Hamilton Square Road

Trenton, NJ 08690


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