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Men for Hope       Resource ID: 192

Men for H.O.P.E is a non-profit organization. We focus on using community outreach to spread hope, love, and faith. Our mission is to address the gang violence and truancy of our children through education, and life skill classes. Our site showcase the range of programs such as tutoring, life skill mentoring. We also focus on uplifting men and inspiring them to find and embrace their purpose in life. Britton Thomas III and Kelvin Baldwin are our founder and co-founder.

GANG INTERVENTION: Every third Friday of the month, we unite at risk youth and former gang members are aware of the risks and consequences of their lifestyles and are ready to make a change. During discussions, we inform them of how their actions not only affect them but also their loved ones and society. Our program provides them with tools to interact with others in a respectful, healthy manner, as well as, renewing their sense of self- esteem.

TUTORING: Every Monday, we offer free tutoring at Trenton Central High School from 5:30pm-7:00pm. Students bring their school work to the program and we address any concerns they may have. Together with a Retired teachers and current high school students assist in confronting any barriers that may cause us from meeting their individual needs. Students of all grade levels are welcome. We are also in the progress of starting partnering up with local colleges.

MENTORING: Every Tuesday, we meet with various adolescents chosen by the Municipal Truancy Courts from 7:00 pm-8:00 pm. With the assistance of the truant officer, prosecutor, and his honor, we provide healthy lifestyle alternative that can help them progress. We teaching them life styles such as coping strategies and make it a safe haven where our one-on-one relationships can flourish. In addition, we also have other children from outside sources that attend our program because they see value in our mission. This is one of many methods we use to evoke love, faith, and hope back into our communities.

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